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One of those precious moments

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When I was a child we had horses, too.  I trained a pony and had a purebred Arabian.  He was 14 hands and really fast.  One time he cracked the living room window with his big butt, because he leaned against it to scratch.  ;D

I am so envious of all of the horsey people here. The only thing better in my mind than having big dogs, is having big dogs and horses. We are looking to buy our first home in the next two years, the moment we buy is the moment I begin to look for my next horse. Growing up we had quarter horses. I learned to ride my pony before I learned to ride a bike!

jan n nori:
i ve got the best of both worlds. i own a boarding stable and i have a shiloh ;D how can it get better than that lol jan an nori


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