Author Topic: Transport help needed ASAP - Newf pups going to new foster homes  (Read 4247 times)

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I'm getting a foster pup and we're trying to fill a leg (or two, or three) to get 2 pups (one is going to Canada)from Autumn Acres to at least Buffalo, NY.  If anyone can help get the pups to their new foster homes it would be greatly appreciated.  Contact information is in the itinerary.

Please crosspost widely...

Transport for 2 Newf pups going from rescue to their approved foster home.

Run is set for August 12 & 13th and as a back up on August 19 & 20th.

Transport goes from Quincy, IL to Albany, NY & Ontario, Canada.
One foster mom will come over border to Niagara Falls to take to Canada and the other to Albany, NY.
All legs are flexible, so if you can do just a part of one leg, just let me know.

Responsible Rescue: Autumn Acres Animal Rescue
Rescue website: http://www.petfinderorg/shelters/KS87.html
Coordinator: Donna Palen
Emergency #'s i.e. Run: 816-776-3022 cell 928-458-0616
Coordinator email : or

BREED: Newfoundlands
TEMPERAMENT: Both are not leash trained, and are somewhat shy, but they love attention
CRATE: Optional (but not needed) 

Tentative schedule and itinerary:

Saturday, August 12th (or 19th as a back up date), 2006

1. Quincy, IL - Springfield, IL - 2 hrs -110 miles-  8am-10am  FILLED

2. Springfield - Bloomington, IL -  1 hour - 64 miles 10:15am- 11:15am   FILLED

3. Bloomington, IL to Joliet, IL, IN - 84 miles - 1 hr, 10 min. 11:30a-12:45pm  FILLED
4. Joliet, IL to  South Bend, IN - 78 miles 1 hour 5 min. - 12:55p-3:00pm (time zone change)  NEEDED

5.  South Bend, IN to I-69 Junction (exit 156), IN - 84 miles 1 hour 10 min.  3:15p - 4:25pm     NEEDED

6. I-69 to Toledo 'burb (Maumee?), OH - 75 miles 1 hour - 4:35pm-5:35pm
7. Toledo area to Cleveland, OH - 115 miles - 2 hours - 5:45pm - 7:45pm
Overnight in Cleveland area FILLED

Sunday, August 13th (or 20th), 2006

8. Cleveland, OH to Conneaut(just past Ashtabula), OH - 70 miles 1 hour    8:30am-9:30am    FILLED

9. Conneaut, OH to Dunkirk, NY - 64 miles 1 hour  9:40a-10:40a    FILLED

10. Dunkirk, NY to Buffalo, NY - 45 miles OR to Niagara Falls is 67 miles  10:50am-11:45am/12:10pm   FILLED

One gets off here in the Niagra Falls area.
11. Buffalo, NY to Rochester, NY- 78 miles - 1 hr, 10 min., 12:20pm-1:30pm
12. Rochester to Syracuse, NY- 90 miles - 1.5 hours 1:40pm-2:10pm
13. Syracuse to Oneida, NY - 84 miles - 1hr., 15 min. - 2:20pm-3:35pm
14. Oneida to Fultonville, NY - 80 miles - 1 hr 10 min. 3:45pm-4:55pm
15. Fultonville, NY to Saratoga Spgs via rte 50 - 42 miles- 1hr. 5:05pm-5:45pm
16. Saratoga Spgs to Queensbury - Foster home

Thank you all for your help!!!

Donna Palen
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