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It has been sooo hot here!  90 plus degrees!  I kono,I know, that is NOT really "hot" compared to some areas you all live in, but for us it is atrocious!  Our grass is actually dying!  We don't EVER have to water, it is just "green" I went out to mow and ACTUALLY got "told" by hun that it was not "allowed"!!!!He is a yard freak!  It is always "clean cut and looks grand!"  apparently, unknown to me, (I guess I am a bit "slow" in this area that if I mow it will be totally brown and look terrible!  ( Kids actually mow but I supervise that, they were so like SWEET we can go to the lake with the dogs YEAH!!!")  Abyway we are changing the pools int he kennel at least twice daily, and I swear to get the green crap that grows on the sides is almost impossible to keep up with.  I gave up scrubbing every tiem and just spray the heck out of the pools when I change them.  The pups can't seem to get the clue that there are THREE pools and must congregate in one!  The only little boy left gets "rolled" by the girls and poor baby waits until they are done with their fun to be the lone ranger covered in mud cooling off!  He is totally a honey and one of the favorites!  I did try sitting int he pool when it filled, just to cool off myself but the little buggers thought I was free game and I almost drowned in a kiddie pool!  Just kidding!  They really did think it was grand having me down on hteir level and what a mess I was when it was all said and done! 

OOOOOOOOOOHHHH HHHHHH!! They are all soooooo cute! you may have to watch out, I am on my way there right now to steal them all!! I love the one with them all in the pool! and boy is that water DIRTY!

Such cute pics. Your puppers are sure growing so quickly.

They are absolutely adorable! 


--- Quote from: longshadowfarms on August 06, 2006, 06:29:06 am ---They are absolutely adorable! 

--- End quote ---

yes, they are adorable! 

And Daphne.... You KNOW where you wanna be.


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