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Dog breed stuff?
« on: August 20, 2006, 05:29:45 am »
I'm wanting to buy maybe some t-shirts and mugs with my dogs' breeds on them. (Alaskan Malamute and Saint Bernard) We have an Australian Shepherd mug that I really love and would like some more with our current breeds on them. I've found some, but nothing that really struck me as lovely. And t-shirts as well. If any of you can post some good websites that have affordable merchandise and shipping rates, I would appreciate it. I know CafePress has some great stuff. If anyone will know more places, you guys will! Thanks!

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Re: Dog breed stuff?
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Re: Dog breed stuff?
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Try www.dogbreedst

They've got stuff for most every breed. I used to work for the company that owns the site.
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