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Top 10 reasons I love my...


Top 10 reasons I love my Caucasian Mountain Dog.

1. Hes way to smart for his own good  ;)

2. He quickly outgrew the car, I must recline the seat all the way down, and its still an ackward fit.

3. He snores...

4. He lays in the middle of the hall and expects you to step over him.

5. Im flooded with questions whenever I take him out in public. He has his own paparazzi.

6. For being a mountain dog, he sure gets alot of stuff stuck in his fur.

7. He sheds enough fur to make another dog! and it clings to everything!

8. Hardwood floors are a must, he leaves behind his own sandbox if you do any serious trail hiking.

9. He barks at every little noise.

10. His faithfulness, protectiveness, and ferocity when
   called upon to defend is legendary.

Its the little things he does that bring a smile to face thats I love my Caucasian Mountain Dog!

Good Hope:
Great list... #7 is on my list too. ;)

Love all the pics on your website. Thanks for sharing.


Aww your dog is so beautiful. He looks very loyal  :)
Is CMD difficult breed to train?

I know, I love mine too along with my central asian except I dont have 4 or 9 from your list... my dogs know I am queen and they move for me when I walk into the room and they dont bark at every single noise anymore because I taught them quiet but at first they both did.  But everything else I agree with especially the sandbox and paparazzi. 

In regards to difficutly to train, they are very bright and if anything, that is their downfall because they are a step ahead of you.  They work with you not for you.  They should be marshmallows to your family and suspecious of strangers but not lunging or acting like a wild beasts.  They are a lot of work but once you tap into their mind it flows very smoothly...but they along with my CAO are unlike any other breed you will own.... I cant wait to get another female

with grandma

Guarding the lake


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