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Awesome Merle:

Here is my "Heza Awesome Blue "Merle"", isn't he a cutie, he is a big boy for his breed.  They called him Chunko in the litter.  He is at 88.5 pounds down from 100.  Now if I could only lose that much weight! :-\

I would love another Aussie!  I dont have one anymore!


--- Quote from: lifeisgood76 on March 19, 2005, 04:08:59 pm ---I would love another Aussie!  I dont have one anymore!

--- End quote ---

Join a dog rescue.  I did dog rescue for Aussies for a bit.

Just go to google, and enter the following as your search

"YOUR_STATES_NA ME australian shepherd rescue"

For me it's "California australian shepherd rescue"

I found the two very best dogs in the world doing dog rescue, but I got them from Samoyed Rescue.  Here's the organization I work with:

I am hoping to one day have an autrailian shephered....m aybe train for agility....I have met quite a few of them and they are beautiful dogs...

I have an Aussie.  Her name is O.S. Cookie. The O.S. stands for One Smart, and sometimes for One Silly or One Stupid, but the Cookie stays the same.  She is going to be 7 in June.  She is a Blue Merle and I got her from Northeast ARPH.   She was supposed to be aggressive, and she did have some issues, but we started school with a wonderful trainer and Cookie is terrific.  She really was and is, insecure.  We have come a long ways, but every now and then the past pokes it's head in and we have to reassure her again.  We have trained her in Agility, but chose not to show her as it is extremely stressful for her.   She is a beautie and we love her dearly.  


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