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Katie - what to do

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Ok, I'm getting a bit desparate with Katie.  She keeps trying to kill dogs.  Separation has not mellowed her.  We can't keep her.  Prior owners tell us to put her to sleep.  The rescue group won't take her because they don't have anyone who can keep her separate from other dogs.  Postings to rehome her are not yielding any bites.  Carter is really getting to be difficult up at the house - with this cooler weather he's feeling his oats and keeps bashing at the glass door with his paws - he wants Eider to come out and play ::)  Anyone have any thoughts?  I can't see her sitting in a kennel situation either.  I don't think she'd eat.  I'm running out of options and getting very frustrated.  She is so sweet but she can't go anywhere with other animals.  I'm rather certain she'd kill cats and it is very clear that she can't live with other dogs.  Any other ideas?

Gypsy Jazmine:
I have to get ready for work right now but let me think on this & try  to get ahold of our trainer...I will get back to you...Until then prayers are being sent your way! :-*

email ceasar millian!!!!!!!! he can email you tips

I'm bawling my eyes out with hope!  I have someone in Michigan who might be interested in her.  Please keep her in prayer that it might work out.  Katie is SO SWEET with people.  She truly deserves a good home where she can be the center of someone's attention.

I really hope this works out for her. I'll be praying for her.



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