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My Collie seems sick

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Hi all.  This is my first post on this board.  I have a 4.5yr old female collie (tri-color).  She's acting very strange the last few days.  She won't go in or out of her dog door (from the screened pool area to the backyard), and she won't go through the sliding glass door threshold from outside to inside.  I have to put her leash on to get her to come inside. 

When I came home from work today, she seemed very warm, and the house was as 73F.  She is eating and drinking just fine, but acting VERY strangly, and I'm worried, but can't seem to find anything OBVIOUSLY wrong with her.  Other than very warm. 

This past weekend, she was limping, then that stopped.  I checked her for a thorn or grass spur - but there was nothing.  Her pads seem fine.  She loves to play frisbee, but stopped suddenly and favored her rear left leg.  Next day, played again, then she favored the leg/foot again.  I'm looking for help from anyone... She's a great dog and loves people and loves to play.  She's very affectionate and I'm really sad that she's not feeling well.

Hope someone has some suggestions.

Paul and Sadie

I would take her to the vet. That seems like an odd set of symptoms, but it would be enough to get me to take my dogs to the vet.

I hope it's nothing, but I'd check just to make sure.

BTW, welcome to BPO. I'm Annie, and I have a Sadie, too (a 2-y-o Lab), and Riley (1-y-o Saint). Is your Sadie a rough or smooth coat Collie?

Welcome aboard! I'm April owned my Kiah a great pyrenees and Kitana a rescued mix. I'm glad you joined us.

As far as your furbaby goes I would definately take her to the vet for the limp. Is it possible she got scared going in or out the door?

Welcome, you have found a great place to join. My name is Paige and I am mom to 3 Pyrenees, a Great Dane, and Newf mix and some littles. Please let us know how the vet visit goes with your Collie. Hopefully it is something very minor and then you can walk out of the vets office with a sigh of relief.

Welcome to the board,sorry to hear of your concerns about your fur kid.

I hope your vet was able to find something simple.
She could have twisted a muscle,or miss calcuated the door way.

Then again she could be having trouble seeing,and that could be throwing her off her usual self.

Let us all know once you get to the vet.

Tricia and fur kids


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