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Long ears in everything



I wanted to ask everyone what they do about the long bloodhound ears in everything...w e've been using snoods.

We are cleaning Bishy's ears constantly-insides and outsides. The insides seem to need it at least twice a week. Of course, that's par for the course with any long earred or furry earred breed. We use an ear cleanser our vet recommended by Vet Solutions.

The outsides, or the ear margins as they are called, are constantly dragging in everything. I worry about them getting infected. We wash his ears a few times a week to cleanse them, using diluted Novasan, which is an antibacterial cleanser used quite often in animal hospitals (I used to be a vet assistant).  They will still sometimes get a little red from time to time, however.

I started making snoods for him, they help to at least keep his ears out of his food and water bowls during meal time. Does anyone else do this? I've been making them out of fleecey fabrics, so they're nice and soft, and he doesn't seem to mind them at all. Almost like a turtleneck, they hold his ears out of the way, and againest his neck while he eats & drinks.

What does everyone else do about this issue?

Thanks muchly!
~TC & Bishy

Gypsy Jazmine:
I use the Vet Solutions ear cleaner also...It seems to work very well.
Your idea to keep Bishops ears out of his food is great...I want to play with his ears SSSSSOOOOOOOOO OOO bad :D

We only have minimal ear draggage (haha i made that up) compared to you! Plus, it seems like Adi is growing into his ears, but for a while there his ear "margins" were nasty.

I know nothing about really long earred pups, actually, but have babysat for a few. My aunt always praised me when I would massage her bassetts long ears, telling me it was good to do that and kept the bloodflow healthy. Just a thought which could be sooo wrong. BUT it justifies thos long ear rubbing sessions.


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