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Food for thought
« on: April 23, 2005, 10:30:58 am »
In light of the recent PETA and animal cruelty conversations that have been floating around lately, I thought that I would share a column I was sent by our own member, Brat. It is food for thought and might just make you praise yourself a bit since a lot of you do love all creatures.

"All creatures great and small."

I heard something on the radio news today that made me sooooooooo angry, I
didn't know what to do with myself.  Then I remembered - I AM a writer.
When events move me, I write.

There is a 'breaking' news story that really in its essence is nothing new -
nothing "breaking" about it.  It seems not far from  where I live a pile of
four bald eagles had been found,  dumped unceremoniousl y in a pile.*   What
was even more sickening to me? Each of them had had their legs sawed off.
Apparently, there is a huge black market for eagle talons, even as the
eagles are supposed to be a protected species in this country.  (* as I send
this to you, the count of killed bald eagles have gone up to 40+).

After I calmed down a little, I got to thinking about what kind of human
would do that.  I really cannot fathom the mindset of such cruelty but then
I realized that we have all been guilty of treating some other lifeform as
our personal  property, here for our convenience, our use, our comfort.
This is nothing new.

Most of you have heard me talk of my love, my connection for the eagles.  I
find them absolutely majestic, wise and with much to teach us if we are open
to the learning.  I would extend that even more.  I believe every other
living being on this planet we call earth has much to teach us.  I would
also suggest that no matter your personal philosophy of how each of us came
to be here, how we are created, every living, breathing being deserves the
right to peacefully co-exist here.

I will confess that back when I was a landlord(in another lifetime!) I did
wage chemical warfare on thousands of cockroaches; indeed I did..  Did I
relish the task?  You KNOW I did not - but their existence in that apartment
building was deemed a health hazard to the humans.  Soooooooo I sprayed
them.  Of course as anyone who has battled those critters knows, cockroaches
always have the last laugh.  I am convinced that they will exist on this
planet long after we humans have destroyed our own species.

But, having confessed that, I can honestly say yes, I felt bad about my
actions, and no, I have tried never to kill or abuse any other living
being.Yes, I can hear you; I DO eat meat, and yes, I do cringe when I think
of the abysmal conditions some of those animals live in so I might have food
on my plate.  I find that whole issue totally overwhelming.  But, kill an
ant or a spider?  Never!

I know some of you have pet peeves(was that a bad pun or what?!)  I have
heard your horrors of rats, or cottonmouth snakes.I know some of you carry
phobias about spiders.  Most of you have heard me wax eloquently (I
thought!) about the beauty of spiders and snakes.  I have told some of you
the stories of magnificent snails lucy joy and me have found on our walks.
I have shared  the absolute beauty of the coyotes we meet, or the sleek
skunks or raccoons we unwittingly disturb on our early morning forays in our

I have said it before, but it bears repeating.  How we interact with other
creatures, critters is all based on our perceptions, our own sense of place
in this world.  Instead of seeing a tiny mouse (or rat) as a threat to our
wellbeing, why not look at ourselves from the rat's viewpoint?  How scary
must we giants be to them?  Yes I know about the plague that swept Europe,
but  one rat running away from you is NOT going to cause you to keel over
and die.  Really.  One spider in the corner of a room is not a major threat
to you.  We don't have to kill others just to prove our dominance.  Do we?

So, may I suggest that next time you are freaked by the sight of a spider,
rat..or **** (fill in the blank), how about you allow it to live?  Instead
of giving in to whatever need you have to get rid of said critter, take a
moment and marvel at the beauty, the perfectness of its being.

Just for today, look in awe, not suspicion, upon those amazing miracles.
Gaze in wonder as you recognize how connected we all are, to each other and
yes, to those amazing soaring, glorious eagles.  Do it - today, please.

  Mom to one handsome black Bear.