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Bluetick Coonhounds ?

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Anybody out there have a Bluetick Coonhound? Mine is a 75 pound baby. When I'm on the computer he lays his big head on my mouse and won't let me move it. His Name is Dozerand he is pretty demanding when it comes to attention.

Here he is looking guilty, He stole the Coontail key ring and ran in his crate with it.

and here is the whole dog, big as he is

HE IS ADORABLE!!! I have never seen a dog like this before. My son loves the picture of Dozer with the coon tail. He said " Mom go back. I think that dog has a racoon in his mouth." LOL Thats too funny. Post more pictures!!!  ;D

What a great face!!!!!!! :o Makes you want to nuzzle with a big cold nose.  Peggy


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