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New Puppy for me????

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OOH, I so hope so! I hopefully get to see her today (the pound she is at doesn't open for a long while yet and its driving me crazy! So, its a young (I'm thinking close to a year, maybe 2) pure breed Siberian Husky (whats one of those doing in a pound?!?!) Anyway, I'm really excitied, my dad (cuz ya all know I live at home  ::)) asked how much it was, (thinking I was getting it from a breeder or something... but when I told him it was from the pound he seemed more inclinde to letting me get it...(WOOHOO!)  My mom and brother arn't to sure about it... (my bro, thinks I only need one dog... *crazy boy*) SO here is a picture of her, I'll get TONS more when I see her today...and then hopefully I can take her home sometime this week,if it all works out... aka talking everyone into it.

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

She is beautiful! Good luck on getting her! Keep us posted.

OOooh ,I just love sibes ! I had one for 6 years , he had to be put down on Thanksgiving of '00 from chronic pneumonia and bronchitus  :'( I still miss him so much ! I got him when I lived in Alaska and the move back to the lower 48 never did sit well with him , just too warm ! His sire ran in the Iditarod !

SO, I called the pound really early this moring, hopeing she would still be there...but they never called me back.  I guess she got adopted today by someone else. I hope she has a great home, with people who know all about Huskies... Guess she wasn't for me... I will keep looking though.. I'll call back tomorrow just to make sure she isn't there...Thanks for pulling for me, I think I got my family all ready for a new girl.. we'll just have to wait and see if there is another one at the pound. 



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