Author Topic: How to reassure a fearful dog?  (Read 1638 times)

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How to reassure a fearful dog?
« on: October 23, 2006, 12:32:38 pm »
Zoey some irrational fears, and is very anxious in certain situations. I always ressure her with soothing tones and telling her 'it's ok' and stuff. Well yesterday I took her to the pet store to get her nails cut. She has an irrational fear of getting her nails cut so she was reluctant to even walk in the room. I was comforting her that it was ok and the lady told me that by trying to soothe her with calm tones, I was basically telling her 'yes, there is something to be afraid of, and i will try and protect you from the scary thing'. Instead, she wanted me to just command zoey to go and it would give her confidence. I am not sure I agree with that, but I do see where she is coming from. Anyone have thoughts about this ???
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Re: How to reassure a fearful dog?
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2006, 12:38:24 pm »
I have often read the same thing; Like a dog who's afraid of riding in the car- if you acknowledge that fear while in the car, then you're instilling the idea that the dog is right to be scared.  I have always read to ignore the expressions of fear and once they stop, reward and have a party!  Reassuring a dog that it is "OK" may be our plan, but to the dog we're reassuring her that she SHOULD be afraid. I have always used this idea when training for the car, or socializing, or crate training, etc. and have had good luck with it. Hope that helps... 
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Re: How to reassure a fearful dog?
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2006, 12:52:22 pm »
I agree with the previous post.Unfortuna tely when we try to reasure our fur kids by saying IT's OK,we are actually telling them it is OK to feel the way they are feeling.

Our fur kids strickly live in the moment,that is what is so marvelous about them.

Being confident,and not feeling sorry for them,but at the same time addressing the issue is difficult for lots of people.

Remaining calm and letting them shake or even throw a fit,until they submit calmly to the situtation and test the best of us.

But it is really the only way for them to get past it.

At present I consider myself very lucky that my three aren't afraid of much.

In fact Magic is the only one at present that has an issue and that is with the vet office. His FEAR that I will leave him.

Unfortunately that will play itself out again this coming month because he has another lump that I discovered and he has to have it removed.

He has been thru this only a few months ago,so the fear is justified,but he survived,and forgave me,AND he will again.

Good luck

Tricia and the fur kids