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Another Sibe in the bunch

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Actually 2, Mark and Echo, oh yea and me of course  8)

Great avatar! Huskies are great dogs with the best temperments. My sister-in-law has one that is best buds with my Newf Bear...who now, thanks to Kobe loves to howl! It is soo funny to hear.
Post some pictures please so that we can see more of your great babies.

Here are some pics of the rest, present and past.
Here is Mark, he was my first in this pack on the left, and Chief who has crossed the Rainbow bridge.

I am new here, so I don't know if/how to put two pics in a post.
This is Mark and Echo

Beautiful dogs! It must be great to have them where it snows! I used to live in Georgia and had 2 huskies that I rescued, they were always so uncomfortable in the heat and I felt bad for them. I don't even know why people breed them in the south! Here's a picture of Porscha, my schnooky-schnook who is waiting for me in heaven. (Cause I plan on going to the same Heaven as dogs.)


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