Author Topic: Does her weight look okay  (Read 11563 times)

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Re: Does her weight look okay
« Reply #15 on: June 17, 2005, 09:48:56 pm »
  :) Hello I am also a boxer mom and I think your little girl looks great she looks healthy and plump just like a boxer baby should look and its very normal for her ribs to show its all in the way they are built...well goodluck with her and you are doing a very good job with her...... ;)

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Re: Does her weight look okay
« Reply #16 on: June 17, 2005, 10:10:28 pm »
Hi and sorry it took me so long to get here, hehe, with all the tears for not getting on for about a week I can still JUST read the posts.

Anyway, yes she is too young, and you know it, you know what you have and deal with it. So I am sure she will be fine. She does look like a little porker in the first pics you posted, and a little leaner in the other. BUT most puppies when they start to run around and grow up from being a just suckling little baby, turn like that, they look all plump after eating and then they kinda suck in their waist and the ribs show a bit. That is perfectly normal, you dont want them underweight but not the other way around either. Hmmmm this is awhile since you posted so she should be about 5-5,5 weeks now. If she has been on soft food and baby kibbles, she is good to go on it. I would discuss it with vet, when she goes in for vaccinations and a checkup. He may want to add calcium to her diet, but that is a rather tricky topic, too much is bad, too little is just as bad, so I would not want to say either way with such a little baby, without seing her in person so to speak.

I am sure you manage the feeding just fine, and in the pics she looks great. I think that other things are just as important for a little girl like that, make sure you "baby" her a lot, she is such a young baby and has to coop without mom and siblings, so love on her bunches, kiss, hug and make her feel safe and comfy and that will be half the battle to a healthy dog. Take it easy, and even though it is hard sometimes remember her real age and not how long she has been with you (it can be hard to have enough patience with booboos and chewing and all other puppy stuff if you dont think about her real age)

She is adorable. Please post again so we can follow her growing, she is such a doll

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