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Any other Old English Sheepdog owners out there???

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Hi, I am a newbie, and the owner of an 8 year old
Old English Sheepdog.  Any others out there have a sheepie?
I think they're great big furballs, and have wonderful temperaments!

Please post some pictures because I love them!

Hello. I am Dianne McKee Rowland, Founder of the Blue Panda Kennels. I have over 40 years of experience to share and our dogs hold over 200 titles. Feel fee to contact me about your OES. We have several just now of various ages and including one rescue that could not be passed on. Our dogs are house dogs and hate getting wet and muddy. Just try to stay clean in Oregon this time of year. I'm looking forward to hearing from other OES people. My website is: Http:www.digbysyste

The correct website address for Blue Panda OES is:

Hi, I breed OES under the Bobbysox prefix in Australia.  I currently have 5 sleeping at my feet.  I agree they are a very special breed.   



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