Author Topic: Anyone going to introduce themselves? (o:  (Read 29121 times)

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Re: Anyone going to introduce themselves? (o:
« Reply #30 on: May 16, 2005, 03:18:06 pm »
Sherry, you have an AWESOME website!! I loved watching the litter grow and am so happy you kept Maddie. Have you shown her yet? How has she done? We have a red merle male (neutered) who is my husband's best friend and travel companion. He lives for the frisbee (Rocko, not my husband). I am so impressed with your set up as a breeder - and I don't say that too often as I do rescue and see way to many horrific breeding situations - and far too many deaf and blind merle mix aussies from bad breeders. I love that you have the dogs inside and still use them for herding as they obviously love to work! And I am so impressed that you even reach out to adopt these intelligent dogs out for service work.  Kudos to you! If anyone is looking for a breeder, I'm going to point them your way!

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Re: Anyone going to introduce themselves? (o:
« Reply #31 on: May 16, 2005, 07:07:17 pm »
Hello,  I have Greta (7-yr old rottweiler), Lou (7-year old rott/lab X) and the newest addition, Betti (2-yr old rottweiler).  I found Big Paws Only while browsing m for the Spokane, WA area.  (We live in Spokane for the time being.)  I saw the photo of grizzley at the top of the page and thought I had better investigate further.

This is a great site!  I am very pleased.  I enjoy the photographs and information.  The "Paw Print Profiles" are unique and fun to create.

Lou and Greta were raised in Seattle and enjoyed a multitude of off-leash parks and obedience training clubs.  They are both Canine Good Citizens, but they are still an extreme amount of responsibility .  Betti is still learning...she will go on her first camping trip in two weeks.  Yay!  I wonder how she will do....

I will have to let you know and share some photos.  I hope she can sleep through the night and is not bothered by the forest noises.  :)
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