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Sadie and Riley have a buddy staying with us

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My friend's smooth coat collie, Wheaton, is staying with us until Tuesday while he and his roommate are out of town.

I got him yesterday evening, so we just took our usual walk for the night-everyone in heel (!)-and then played in the yard with the pit mix from next door who has to come over any time we're outside. This morning, I took them on a hike for about an hour and a half. They had a blast.

Here are some pictures:
2-Sadie w/ Wheaton
3-Sadie taking a break in a dry creek bed
4-Riley's and my view of Sadie and Wheaton for most of the hike! I kept Riley on a leash (my two tend to get a little too overzealous if they are both off-leash on trails), so you can see his head at the bottom. He still had a lot of fun, though, and is crashed out behind me on the bed right now w/ Sadie. Wheaton is at my feet. He's a good dog-only gets on the bed if you ask him to, unlike my goobers. LOL

Oh wow what a handsome boy! Looks like everyone is having fun with the puppys sleepover ;)!


Oh, and Wheaton likes to mark his territory, so Riley decided to attempt hiking his leg again (hasn't done it since the two times a few weeks ago and this is the first time I saw him in action). Most of the time, if Riley or Sadie pees, Wheaton pees on top of the spot, but once, Riley did it back to him (squatting, but still), then Wheaton went back and covered it again. Competitive boys!

I still can't tell if Riley has accepted him as dominant or vise-versa. They're fine together, though, just not best buds. Sadie and Wheaton, on the other hand, get along very well. If one gets ahead of the other on the trails, they'll stop and wait for the other. They slept next to each other last night, too. Maybe poor Riley is just a grumpy man because he has to share his girl-with an older man, no less (Wheaton is 6). He's also going to be a tired man in about 10 minutes-I gave him some benedryl for his allergies. Poor itchy Riley Bear.

Here's a picture of everyone strapped into the car this morning to head out a park to hike and swim.

Great pics.... and such beautiful pups!

I didn't even know there WAS a smooth coated collie!  He's gorgeous!

Looks like all the pups had a great time!  Thanks for sharing the pics!


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