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Vote for Chloe the Coonhound!


Hey BPO! I entered my pup in a photo contest a while back, and it is now time to vote! We need your help..please vote for my pretty girl Chloe! Shes the 17th picture down. Also make sure to check your email to finish off the vote !..Thanks again BPO!


This is the pic.. ;)


--- Quote from: Julie on November 11, 2006, 10:48:11 am ---I voted! Good Luck!!

--- End quote ---

thank you so much!..and can i just say im in love with your Gweck!  ;D :-*

We cast our vote for Cloe!

My gang here cast our vote for Chloe ;D Having had a Redtick for 9yrs, they are near and dear to my heart, good luck with the votes.


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