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I feel like such a fraud!!!!!

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Well I just found out this week end that my Dilbert is NOT a Pyr but a samoyed cross. It was an honest mistake I was just going by what the resue people told us. After going to the annual Pets in the Park in Edmonton I found out real quick that he is not. I ran into a couple that has a Pyr, and well Dilbert is not the size that he should be by now! After walking aroung scratching our head's trying to figure out what our little sweetheart could be, we found a man with a dog that looked almost identical to ours and asked him what kind of dog he had, he told us that he is a samoyed collie cross. We then asked him what he told Dilbert could be and he told us he looks like a samoyed cross with possible lab. I kinda had a idea that he was a samoyed cross but the Pyr stuck in my head beacuse of his markings he has the biscuit markings on his Face(which are now gone) and on his back. Well al least we know what he is now, although I feel like a fraud for telling everyone he was a Pyr, but samoyed's are great too ;D And he certainly has the sammy personality!!!  ;D He's the greatest guy too.

I'll post some pic's of him, please let me know what you think, breed wise ect.

i dont know anything about dogs and breeds....but hes SUPER SUPER cute!

You are not a fraud- and look at Nicki who goes around saying that she has a Saint Bernard....she esh! Just kidding but her Wangus is tiny and not close to others in weight. We love him to death though- a mini-Bernard is awesome!

Do you have a recent pics of you baby? He is seriously the cutest thing ever! Such an adorable bad the markings went away. I wonder why?

Here are some more recent pics of Dilbert


And here are some Pics from the Pets in the Park day



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