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dobie headbutts-DO THEY ALL DO THIS???

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My katie has this terribal habbit of headbutting me when ever i have coffee or something that can spill,every dobie ive ever known has done this ,has anyone elses? Just a fun thing to share

I have a cat that will climb up on your lap & just knock noggins with am pretty sure she is being affectionate though...Now Samson will headbutt too mostly my hubby who stands 6 foot, 4...The area where Sam's head happens to come to on him can be very painful for hubby!...LOL!

Thankfully my Dobie does not head butt me :)

i think katie is the most jelious dobie ever!! you cant pet another dog or cat with out her headbutting your hand or pushing the other animal away LOL :D

There is no doubt that they LOVE to have ALL the attention. :)


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