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Husky wont make a good pet .. I dont think so !

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that is so cute! Makes me want to have my girls pull.

neat story about the way they're using the roman type buggies to go "sledding" but i don't agree with huskies not being a good pet, BUT i do agree that any dog can be "bad" match for some people.  some people are going to like different breeds just because of characteristic s, just like some people don't like big paws.  this often gets translated into a dog being a "bad" pet.  just like people always ask me, "you can't possibly keep those dogs inside," it's my preference, and some breeds aren't for anyone.  thanks for sharing!

that is true, they are not for everyone. I personally love northern breeds, but you have to be willing to exercise them and not just a run around the block.

Saint and Mal mom:
Yes, I don't agree that they flat out just don't make good pets. Their owners need to accomodate them and understand that Huskies, or other Northern breeds too, are working dogs. They need exercise, no matter what kind it is. I don't own a husky, but Malamutes are similar and I have to accomodate Zoey's needs as such, but that doesn't make her a bad pet.


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