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Husky wont make a good pet .. I dont think so !

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Newly Newfed:

--- Quote from: ZooCrew on February 18, 2009, 09:16:14 am ---No wonder I couldn't see the video........l ol, thread started couple of years  ::)

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LOL!  I was wondering why I couldn't see the link either!  I agree on what everyone has said...some dogs match some personality types and some don't.  My in laws can't possibly grasp why I would ever want a Newf (aka the "black horse" - as per my FIL :D) yet, they absolutely adore little Cody to death.  And I can't understand sometimes how they don't love Sierra.  It takes all types to make the world go 'round, and that includes dogs.

As for the training that Stella mentioned...  I'm guilty of slighting Cody on his obedience training because, let's face it, when he pulls, you barely feel it!  If he's misbehaving on the leash it's just easier to pick him up and carry him.  Now, Sierra pulling on the other hand...well, we all have big paws here and know where that thought is leading.  LOL!!


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