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Husky wont make a good pet .. I dont think so !

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good point, stella!

Very cute pup! I love the Husky's, you can't beat them for love, companionship, loyality,and devotion to their masters. They will just plain keep you young! ;)

omg!!! i love the markings on the face soooo sweet!!!

soo cute! They are a fantastic breed, but have TONS of energy! I use to want my lab/husky Max to pull, he did well but he liked chasing things more  :P


No wonder I couldn't see the video........l ol, thread started couple of years  ::)

I think huskies can make great pets for owners who are aware of their specific needs.  But the same holds true for all breeds that were orignally bred for a purpose.

I do think tho that huskies coming from "working" lines are much harder to keep as pets for someone who doesn't use them for sledding.  Their drive is much much higher than huskies who have been living as pets for generations.


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