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That is so true about OEB breeders having very different opinions.    I had no idea about the issue until I read your post and Googled.  There are lots of them in the waiting room at my Vet's office because of the nearby Marine Base and that sort of dog being their mascot. 

The only thing I know for sure about them is that every one I shared space with had really bad gas.

All my dogs (2) with mobility problems had knees that were not riding in the proper groove.  This can be felt if you poke around and compare to other dog knees.

I also had no idea that dogs got growing pains.  Today I learned two things before I finished my coffee.  :)

I have an OVB Olde Victorian Bulldogge. Try Glutosmine mixed in their food. A raw and kibble diet should help them. The glutosmine is for their joints because the breed tends to have slower maturing joints then other breeds. I feed my bulldogge glutosmine, calcuim pills, brewer's yeast. It really helped my bulldogge for his joints and his coat. Good luck and hope nothing is serious.

I agree. Glucosamine and chondritine might help with the joints. Jager was getting supplements before I got him and has been for the last two years and thankfully hasn't had that problem. I think I'd have heart failure if he did!

I don't know much about OEB except that I would like one some day. But good to know that nose plugs are a necessity!


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