Author Topic: Cujo and aggression?  (Read 3104 times)

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Cujo and aggression?
« on: February 23, 2007, 12:29:43 am »

 Cujo is 7 months now soon to be 8 months and so far he has not really shown much aggression. He has been through training classes and socialized at dog play dates and has met tons of other dogs at petsmart and petco and carshows for adoptathons. Lately I have noticed his aggression towards men and my small Jack Russell and tonight one of my family friends who is at my house almost everyday. The men aggression I could understand is more likely because there are no men normally ever around him just women my mom, myself and my friends who are usually girls sometimes guys, but there kind of scared of a 90 something pound puppy jumping up on there shoulders and nipping at there face. Which I dont understand he has never done this before just recently. He does not listen to anyone anymore at all besides me he acts like he cannot hear them, but when I tell him to do something he listens well. He will drag my mom if she tries to walk him, but not me.
    Our Jack Russell loves to play and they get along just fine most of the time, but she always wants to play and barks at me and he rushes over and shoves himself between her and I and if she gets to close he'll grab her legs and bite her. With my closest friend who is always over I yelled at her for getting the dogs riled up tonight in the house and he grabbed her by the back of her pony tail and bit her head!Thank goddness he didnt make her bleed or hurt her, but it was enough to scare her and scare me too.
    I dont think this is appropriate behavior for such a large dog, but this is the second male dog I have had ever in my life and the other dog also became possesive over me and went after everyone I knew. Is there something I could be doing wrong to provoke this behavior? I love this dog as much as I loved the other dog who also had aggressive issues. He does not get rewarded for his bad behavior and I do scold him and tell him to lay down or go in his crate when he is bad, but Im starting to think that he may need a little more then a yell and a crate time out because that does not seem to be working anymore. My other dogs which are both female do not act this way at all and listen quite well. If anyone can possibly help me I would appreciate it..

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Re: Cujo and aggression?
« Reply #1 on: February 23, 2007, 04:30:22 am »
I'm no expert but... Is he neutered? It sounds like he is starting to show some dominance testing behaviour, ie he listens to YOU because you are alpha, your mum is not so he will test her, have her correct his behaviour on leash immediately but heading the other way, making him stop and sit when he pulls-she decides where they are going not him. He seems to be guarding/protecting you from you jack russell-do they play okay when you're not there? When you yelled at your friend he stepped in to protect you as he deemed her a threat (you were yelling after all). Some things to start you off, i'm sure there will be some better tips coming your way ;)