Author Topic: Short Haired Rough Coated breeds?  (Read 3884 times)

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Short Haired Rough Coated breeds?
« on: February 23, 2007, 11:28:29 pm »
I dont know many breeds like this, other than the Bullies, but im sure there are tons more... But anyways, my question is...
Zero's hair (and im sure jigsaws will eventually) Makes me break out... its really picky and i get itchy. now im not allergic to dogs, and it happens to EVERYONE that comes to visit. So far, my only TRUE downside to the breed (other than chewing hahaha). now im wondering if anyone has experiance with this, i dont like bathing him often because his hair isnt supposed to be soft, or have texture, so i have a special shampoo for that purpose (keeping it crappy feeling), but i dont want to use much of it because its VERY expensive and hard to get, i order it online. Does anyone know of anything else i could use on him that isnt so costly, OR something that i could use on my arms, neck etc. where he touches me? hahaha (what a weird question or what).
Anyways, thanks for any info in advance :)

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