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Hello Everyone
« on: February 26, 2007, 05:15:27 am »
I found your place by looking at dogs on Google. I was looking at Kuvasz breeds. Last year, I lost my heart dog of 13 years to lung cancer in November. I'm still deeply saddened but my newly adopted dog is helping me with that. I took him home on 12/9/06. He's an 8yr old black Lab. He and his brother were turned into the SPCA. He was also heartworm positive. I found this out after I'd decided to take him. They hadn't tested him for fear of being bitten. I was so sad. I had to take a day to think about it because I was putting myself in a position to have another loss soon. I decided that life is too short and even if he didn't make it through the treatment, at least he wouldn't have been at the shelter. He's just made it through his six weeks of no activity and is such a happy, active dog. Thank goodness a local vet does the treatment for free for anyone that adopts from the SPCA! Otherwise, I don't know if I could have afforded it. I'll try to get used to the format here. It's a lot different from my other forums. Looks like a fun place to hang out.