Author Topic: Ranger Thinks The Car is Possessed....WHAT THE HECK??  (Read 4845 times)


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Ranger Thinks The Car is Possessed....WHAT THE HECK??
« on: June 29, 2006, 09:13:37 am »
So, Ranger Roo has loved riding in the car since about 5 months.  Intitally he didn't like it very much, but then when he realized the car isn't evil and it takes him to cool places and he gets to be wherever I'm going instead of left behind, he loved it!  He would jump in the back without any problems and stick his head out the window.

Well, the last 3 times I've had to get him in the car he's been a total PITA!  I essentially have to knee him in the tuckus and put his paws in the car so that he is off balance before he'll get in.  This is TOTALLY weird!!!  The only thing I can think of is that 4 times ago, he did get a little of his tail pinched, but I didn't baby him about it..just fixed it and we went onto the lake.. one of his favorite places.

It sucks b/c it is getting to be a lot of trouble to get him in the car.  I love to take him for walks around the lake and he goes with me to my parent's beach house on a regular basis. 

I'd like to take him for a nice long walk at the lake today, since Mama's been stuck at work late the past 2 days (stupid work) and I've got to load him up for the trip to the beach for the long holiday weekend on Saturday.

Any ideas before I lose my composure?   >:(   >:(


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Re: Ranger Thinks The Car is Possessed....WHAT THE HECK??
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2006, 09:56:45 am »
Yeah...I thought about the treat thing... he certainly wouldn't go in for his favorite toy.  Maybe I'll try that.. I just don't know why in the heck he went all haywire on me!!

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Re: Ranger Thinks The Car is Possessed....WHAT THE HECK??
« Reply #2 on: June 29, 2006, 01:00:51 pm »
quote]Any ideas

You might resort to outright deception. ;)  ;)

Max despises riding, and won't even get near a car--which keeps him out of the streets. :D The only reason Mom can get him in the truck is that she makes it a point to go out and sit in the camper bed and read for a while a couple of times a week.  (She keeps an egg crate pad unrolled, and some pillows so it's comfortable.)

Max always goes looking for her, and is allowed to jump up and snuggle right up--even lay his head right on her pillow next to hers--which he NEVER gets to do in the house, because he's not allowed in the bedrooms. She always has his fave treats.  It's his favorite snuggly time, in the truck.  Sometimes he will run back and forth between her and the garage door, trying to get her to go sit in the truck. 

So when she's going to take him somewhere, Mom will pack the truck while Max is out in the back yard, or while Dad takes him for a walk. Then she will let him in, and go sit in the truck and read for a little bit, while he snuggles. When he's not looking, she snaps the 3 foot lead attached to a steel hook in the bed of the truck into his collar, and there he is: STUCK. Then she puts his crate in and makes him get in it. You can imagine how he protests THAT!  ;D  ;D

But because she only does this maybe one time out of every four or five, she sits in the truck, Max doesn't have any way to know which time is going to be the ride. Every time, he gets this look of total self disgust, like, "I KNEW sooner or later this was going to happen.  WHY am I such a pushover?!"   

Try tempting Ranger into the car just for snuggles and treats for a while, and see if it helps?  :D
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Re: Ranger Thinks The Car is Possessed....WHAT THE HECK??
« Reply #3 on: June 29, 2006, 02:19:05 pm »
Sam & Pippin go through wierd stages too...Sam loves to ride in the truck but lately I've had to chase him around the truck & open a door to block him from getting by & then order him in...Once he is on he's fine as usual...Maybe Ranger is playing a game wtih you? :-\ :)