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Hey fellow Sheepie owners !!!

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Heidi Hollman:
Hi there my name is Heidi and I am owned by a 22 month old Sheepie.  His name is Samson and hes my baby.  He bounces like a rabbit all the time and he weighs 89 pounds.  We recently purchased a new bed and he has decided that he likes it as well.  So I told my husband to move over cause Sam is sleeping with us to !!! >:(  I would love to hear from all of you anytime and share funny stories!!!

                 Happy Easter,
              Heidi and Sam

 He is so pretty!  I have never seen an OES that had that much white on them!  I know you are so proud!

Awww..that big fur baby looks so comfy on his mom's legs. Glad to see some pics finally posted.

Heidi Hollman:
Hey Everyone!!  Thanks for the replies.   Yeah Sam's coloring is real unique.  I saw his sister first and she was a white as snow.  When I went to take her she was already taken to her furever home.  And then I was told about Sam.  I stayed home from work the next day and took him home it was love at first sight.  Sam has a horseshoe kinda figure over his bottom that was black when he was very young but as he is getting a little older it is turning white as well.  He's quite the hammerhead !!  Hope that  you all are having a super day !!!

                   Heidi and Sam ;D ;)

Hi Heidi,

Looks like Samson has found a wonderful mom to snuggle with.  You both look wonderful together. 



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