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Hi, I just joined this group yesterday for my Pyrs but I have a long distance friend who has a problem with her Husky and I told her I'd see if I could find anything out.  He will be 2 in May, neutered. She has 4 children, the youngest being 10 months old and the dog will grab his legs when he tries to crawl away. Today it was the worst though when the baby crawled off very fast to the bathroom, excited like- the dog growled and grabbed his legs. Then the next time he went to crawl off, sqealing and excited the dog jumped on top of him growling and trying to bite his legs. Naturally my friend is very shaken up and doesn't know what to do with him. She told me that he also nipped her 4 yr olds arm the other day while she was playing with her bear.

To me, it sounds like its a prey drive behavior and from what she was reading online she thought so too. They are considering finding him a new home but she feels terrible about it. It sounds like he is having a world of troubles. She said he only wants to be in his crate all the time, he poops in the house almost every day now, eventhough he goes outside when they take him. He's impossible to walk on a leash so they can't take him on walks...

Any advice for her? I don't know anything about Huskies and feel for her, I know she loves him and wants to keep him but she's at a loss. :'(

what she can do to help assert the baby as being "higher" is create a boundary around the baby.  do NOT let the dog in the babies room, do NOT let the dog within 5 or so foot of the baby.  do NOT let the dog play with the kids' toys, and do NOT let the dog play with the children's clothes.  this way the dog learns that the baby is off limits, not matter what it's doing and that it's in no situation allowed to touch the baby.  this way the dog learns boundaries and then eventually it may be allowed to touch the baby.  cesar millan just had an episode on this, he also has a great book that discusses it, it's called "cesar's way"'s+Way:+Bringing+Home+Baby

This is a very scarey thing to deal with.  I've had a dog bite my child and it's just the worst thing to see as a parent, things like that happen so fast and sometimes the damage can be horrible!  My daughter just had a cut lip, but I know it could have been much worse.  The thing is with huskys, they are very smart but also very stubborn!  I've been around quite a few husky's and I've also owned one, they tend to be more dominant than some other breeds.  She'll need to spend LOTS of time training and making sure he knows his boundaries before he'll "get it", she needs to show him she's the alpha.  The best thing for her to do is contact a trainer/behaviorist.  Hopefully they would be able to help her get his behavior under control.

I don't have any advice to give your friend, however I do have a question...did something else change just recently within the household? If there are 4 children and the youngest is 10 months, is this the 1st time that the dog has displayed this type of behaviour with the children?

Maybe it was just the way your email was written, but I'm just concerned that the behaviour sprung out "all of a sudden", so maybe it can be attributed to something else that's going on within the household?

Best of luck to your friend - I couldn't imagine how hard that would be  ;)

I've just began reading Cesar Millan's book and I think that it is a must read. I think that the dog doesn't know where it belongs in the pack. And it is not balanced. Husky's need major exercise and need a job to do. I think that he has so much energy and he just doesn't know what to do with himself and that is why he is acting out.



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