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Friends Husky going after baby..

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I have to agree w/ gr8dame.  The children come first.  
I have had a male and a female husky over the last 20 years.
They are wonderful dogs, but need to be trained and supervised and also to know for certain who is alpha (you). Because of their more independent nature, this is a big task.  They are very social and want to be with their 'pack' (your family), but the males, especially, seem to be more aloof and harder to train.  You can't watch them 24/7, and any dog should not be around children if it show any signs of agression.  (IMNSHO)
Has your friend had the dog since puppyhood?  Has she been unable to exercise him frequently and get his energy out?
It may be due to pent up frustrations if he's not exercised enough.  Siberians need LOTS of exercise time!
Just my 'two cents'.  Hope all goes well for them.


--- Quote from: schelmischekitty on March 20, 2007, 04:21:02 am ---what she can do to help assert the baby as being "higher" is create a boundary around the baby.  do NOT let the dog in the babies room, do NOT let the dog within 5 or so foot of the baby.  do NOT let the dog play with the kids' toys, and do NOT let the dog play with the children's clothes.  this way the dog learns that the baby is off limits, not matter what it's doing and that it's in no situation allowed to touch the baby.  this way the dog learns boundaries and then eventually it may be allowed to touch the baby.  cesar millan just had an episode on this, he also has a great book that discusses it, it's called "cesar's way"'s+Way:+Bringing+Home+Baby

--- End quote ---

well i've passed all this info along. she is reading up on that site and is going to try again to take him for walks, he drags her down the strt. they are going to put some effort into him before throwing in the towel. he definitely isn't excercised enough. they don't have a fenced yard and when they've tied him, he breaks all the ties. She knows that that is a major issue now.

He has been doing the nipping for a long time so it didn't just spring up overnight but it was the worst today she said.

oh and she talked to a friend of hers that used to train dogs and she told her to do the take downs everytime he acts up at all, so that is what she is going to try also. she nipped at her this afternoon so she took him down, it calmed him for a couple seconds she said and he was back to his normal wild self..but i know that takes a few times before they get it.

she knows to be careful, i told her you can't just do that with any dog but i know some trainers/breeders push it.

if that's the case it's probably just that he sees the crawling baby as "excitement" or something to put some of that energy towards.  she really ought to do more obedience and exercise, even if she MUST get a treadmill (very controversial topic i know) it would be better for everyone. it would be a shame to "give up" on a dog when it's the owners fault for not taking the dogs needs into consideration.  the obedience will help everyone be happier, too.  it's always so nice when a dog is mentally as well as physically happy.

It sounds like he is not getting enough exercise. One of our fosters with agression issues, has been behaving so much better since we have really been exercising him. He goes for runs, in the house we play fetch with him for a good 30-40 minutes. After that he just sleeps, he is too tired to do anything else!



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