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oOoOoOoOoOoOoO oOoO can some sibes climb!  a friend of mine had one that would climb a 6ft chain link fence with NO problems!  they ended up just not letting her outside unsupervised because she'd escape the second the put her out and she'd go for a nice road trip!

Hello and welcome!  Glad to have you here.

My name is Chris and my brood consists of Keiko a husky/shep mix, Gunther a great dane, and Nigel and Posey, two rat terriers.

Your two are just gorgeous.  And of course I know who Sam Elliot is, he rocks!  I don't think I can add anything new to the convo.  Luckily I have a mixed breed and she listens quite well on recall, but I still have to be extra careful and she only gets let off in very controlled situations.

And yes, they can climb chain link fences.  Mine doesn't, but I've heard of many who do.  They are alot smarter than people give them credit for and are what I like to call "quiet thinkers".  Meaning they will figure things out on their own if given the chance.

As far as food, I feed mine Nutro just so they can all be on the same thing and I don't have to go into debt to feed them.  Plus, Keiko just loves their senior diet (hated the adult, which is odd b/c usually I would think it would be the other way around).  And luckily, they are a fairly healthy breed as far as breed health goes.  Keiko will be 9 next week and is still going strong albeit a little slower nowdays b/c of arthritis in one leg.

I wish you many years to come with your new addition and would love to see more pix.

Hello! Welcome to the board! I'm Bri and I live with 3 husky mixes! Mine is Keela (the one in my avatar) the other 2 are my parents Tikaani and Arisha. Tiki is 3/4 husky 1/4 germ shep. and Arisha is husky/malamute (and possible wolf). Both Keela and Tiki listen like their germ. shep bloodlines. Arisha on the other hand is your typical sled dog. She does WHAT she wants WHEN she wants too.

I've found that the ONLY way to get her to come running to me is to talk really high pitched and get really really excited! Otherwise if she decides to come when I call her she'll tip toe.

Huskies are REALLY good at playing the "i don't hear you" game.

I've had to use a shock/training collar on both Arisha and Keela. Arisha we had to use it to set boundaries because she liked to get out of our property and wander (and doesn't like to come when called, but she's been doing better). Keela I had to  use to also set boundaries but Keela is excellent with her recall. The problem with her was that when I'd catch her outside the fence and call her back, she'd come running and I didn't want to punish her for being good.

I'd only go with using a shock collar if you are having problems and can't see any other solution. I hate doing it but sometimes it's necessary.

Our puppers are fed Canidae Maintenece All life Stages.

Angelina has eyes just like Tiki!!! She's Goregous!

It's nice to meet y'all.  I'm really glad I found this place.  My family thinks I'm nuts for bringing home yet another animal.  My brother just doesn't get it at all.  But if I had a farm, I'd adopt any stray that comes along.

I'm glad to see some folks here who know and appreciate Sam Elliott.  I don't feel so old now. 

I was afraid that Angelina might be a climber.  Sam was when I got him.  He ended up getting a leg entwined in the chainlink fence and I was sure it was broken.  I had to cut a hole out of the fence around his leg, which was hiked way up.  Then I had to calm him down so I could cut the fencing off his leg.  It is a real miracle his leg or hip or both weren't severely broken.  He never climbed the fence again.

I guess I better put up a privacy fence for Angelina and put big rocks around the bottom to keep her from digging out.  She's already shown me that she's a digger.  I've ordered a name and address tag for her which should be here soon.  I won't let her out in the pen unsupervised until I get the tag on her collar.

Believe it or not, my vet recommended Pedigree, and Angelina and Sam will both eat it, so that's what I'm going with.  The vet said it's a good "middle-class" food for them.  And that silly Angelina!  She'll not only eat carrots, but she loves bananas too!  Sam won't touch either one, but Angelina begs for them, even for the banana peel!

Thank you all for the warm welcome and all the info.



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