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New to Sib Huskies - Info Please

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 ;D  Hi, NancyAnn!
Congratulation s on your new 'baby'!  She's beautiful!!!  She looks like a purebred to me (I've been happily owned by two Siberians)  Our last, Cheyanne, lived to 16.  They are wonderful dogs! 
This part of your post made me laugh:

--- Quote from: ButterflyChaser on March 25, 2007, 05:40:18 am ---"When I threw it, she raced after it on the slippery linoleum floor, struggling to get traction."

We have a long hallway that ends in the kitchen.  Cheyanne would be let in from the door on the far end of the house, and go racing down the hall towards the treats in the kitchen.  She'd get going so fast on the carpet that when she hit the lino in the kitchen, she'd slide right into the trash can like it was a bowling pin!  This would happen nearly every time we let her in.  Good memories!
You will have lots of good times with your Angelina.  I heartily recommend the agility training, as Sibes really want to have a job to do, and they need A LOT of daily exercise.  It keeps them happy.  Welcome to the board from another newbie!
--- End quote ---

Hi and welcome to the board.  I can't help with any breed specific questions since I don't own any sibes but Angelina is beautiful. 

I just switched my dogs over to Innova Evo and I can't say enough good things about it.  It put weight back on Kaila that she lost due to some meds she is on and it's helped Shiner lean out a little bit.  He was starting to look like a porker plus it's helped with his gaseous stench. 

I use the real smoked bones and other bones for my dogs to chew on plus I also give them the cow hooves.  The hooves are just basically keratin and are good for helping keep their teeth clean.  I don't really use a lot of rawhides for my three.

Hope that helps. 


Kathryn, thanks for the info on the hooves.  Angelina loves this one.  I thought it was interesting that she grabbed it while we walked down an aisle at Petco.  Even more interesting is Sam likes it too.  He doesn't usually chew on anything--milk bones, rawhides and the like.  But when Angelina drops the hoof, Sam picks it up and gnaws on it a while.  I'll be going back to get more of them.  Sam is getting a bit old for teeth cleaning.  The vet said the anesthesia could knock him out permanently.  so I'm glad we found something that will help.

Happiday, I can just picture Cheyenne skidding on the linoleum.  Sam did that when I first took out the carpet.  He now moves much slower.  I think he finds it amusing to see Angelina struggle for footing.

Angelina and I go for a brisk 30 minute walk each morning at the lake.  She makes sure I crawl out of bed early in the a.m. so we can beat the heat (already in the upper 70's and even 80 here!).  She's a great conversational piece.  Everyone wants to know what she is and they can't resist those blue eyes.  We take shorter walks around the neighborhood throughout the day.  And I'll be putting up a privacy fence soon so she can run free and burn some energy.

Thank you all for the welcome and the wealth of info.

I just wanted to welcome you to BPO. I don't have any awesome advice that wasn't already given except for one thing...

I adopted a husky once. He was GORGEOUS! Blue eyes, just stunning. I couldn't figure out why nobody had claimed him, either. turns out that his people WERE looking for him, but he had run so far that they didn't bother looking in OTHER CITIES which was where I was!!! I was in a city about 15 miles from them! They didn't know that Huskies could run so far!

That is the hazard (as others have said) of having a Husky. They RUN. FAR. For LONG periods of time. You might want to check nearby cities to see if anyone is looking for her!

Jenn, I am surprised you know who Sam Elliott is.  Most people don't.  Since I've had a crush on him for years and he's been an actor for decades, I couldn't believe people hadn't heard of him.  He's such a versatile actor--in westerns, actions, dramas, and even children's movies.  Doesn't that voice just do things to ya?  LOL

I just ordered dog tags for Angelina and Sam.  So if either goes missing, maybe someone will call me.

Do Huskies climb chain link fences?  I'm putting a kennel together and I hope she'll stay in it.



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