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I've rescued a husky from a local dog pound, and I'm certain someone is looking for her.  She has been well trained and taken care of.  I love her to pieces, but I feel like I'm shortchanging her.  She wants to continue her training but I am familiar with training and don't know what she wants from me. 

If I could locate her true owner, I could probably convinced to hand her over.  I'm sure there are lost and found services somewhere.  I looked at Petfinder and have contacted someone in another region of my state who has lost two sibs.  I doubt my sib is hers, but we'll see. 

What other pet locator services are well-known and widely used?  I love my Angelina, but knowing I can't provide the training and stimulation as well as the quality of care she's used to, I'd like to return her to the lifestyle she's accustomed to.  I THINK.  Letting her go will be very hard I know.  But I just know her owner is looking for her.


I know I listed a website that's basically a AmberAlert site for dogs.  It's on here somewhere but I can't remember the site name right now.  I'll see if I can find it.  It might help you.  Also craigslist has a lost and found section or you can add to their pet section.  I hope that helps and hope things work out for you and Angelina.  The only thing I can tell you is that while I feel like I'm shortchanging Kaila on training she really only wants to be with me doing whatever and being up in the big middle of stuff.  Like she is right now as I'm attempting to type this. 


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