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last night's reenactment

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I was playing ball with the pups last night and got the ball stuck in my tiny plum tree.  So I had to perform a reenactment today so you could have pics.  A side note on the tree: if you look really closely to the limbs you can see where Shiner chewed the limbs off.  He pulled it over and exposed the root ball over the winter but it still lives.  This is their favorite glow-in-the-dark ball right now.  Then there are pics of cooling down after all the hard work that I made them do.  You even get pics of my sweet baby faced pig boy.  ;)  Enjoy!

great pics. very clever arent they!!! and I love the playing in the water pics

great photos, how many malinois does it take to get a ball out of a tree? :D :)

Oh look at him in prawn-position in the tub!  Too funny!

that brings back memories!  sheeba used to do that when we had a water "bowl" like that ha ha.  great pics, i esp. love the one of them working to get the ball down!


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