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Remember my friend's Husky?

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Some of you might remember my post about my friend's Husky that got a bit agressive or rough with her baby.,16667.0.html
I passed on all of your suggestions to her and she was really trying to make things work. Turns out they just moved and their landlord won't allow the dog whatsoever so she had been looking for a new home for him...

Well after finally settling on someone and getting his things together to take him to her, her 10 yr old son touched his food bowl. My friend screamed out for him to not do it, but he thought he was being helpful to his mom and the dog went for him. Totally tore into his hand and they had to go to the ER. He is fine and got it flushed and some meds. Apparently they won't sitch dog bites on the hands, only the face. My friend called the woman that was to take him, on her way to the ER to let her know that the dog bit her son and she didn't feel right giving him to her now. The lady called back without knowing any details and said she still wanted him, but my friend doesn't feel right about it.

Long story short, he is going to a non kill Shelter there and she said they will have to report him to animal control because of the bite and he will get a black mark against him. I'm just wondering what his chances of finding another home are? I don't know much about the adoption process and how hard it is for a dog with an agressive history to be adopted out? She isn't worried that he will find a home and she now has no mixed feelings about taking him there, since he hurt her child. I didn't realize that he had food agression and the day before had growled and snapped at the baby through the crate. Apparently he sees everything as a threat to his food.

Just a sad situation all around. :-\

sad.  that's all i can say.  has she even brought him to a behavioral specialist?  granted he shouldn't have done that, it shouldn't have gotten this far.  our dogs aren't aggressive at ALL, but we don't let our kids put their hands around the food bowls regardless just so they don't start getting paranoid about them.  anywho, in a "pound" he has little to no chance of being readopted out simply because of the liability they'd be taking.  most shelters wouldn't put him up for adoption, but if he did have any chance, it'd be to a rescue only probably, which would limit the likeliness that much more.  i can't say how sorry i am for this dog.  training when he first started showing any sort of aggression would have stopped this roller coaster ride for him  :(

No, she'd never taken him to someone about the behavior. They kept wanting to get him to some training classes period, but it never happened. I told her there are things that can be done about the food agression, but it would take time. Not saying she is the right situation and person to do that, I know at this point it's not but that he's not hopeless, he just has to learn to trust. He's only 2 years old. I just feel so bad for him and I feel bad for her. Once any dog bit my child, it wouldn't stay here, that's why like you say, prevention is key. Unfortunately most people don't seem know anything about those important things to teach when they're young to keep horrible things like this from happening. A bad situation just got out of control. They didn't have time for him, period. She got him several months before she got pg with her 4th child, not expecting to have him. She had wanted a Husky and looked for one with his markings for awhile before she found him, she admitted it was filling some kind of void she was feeling. It just got to be too much with all the kids and lack of time or help.

This is so sad!  I have had an agressive dog (maltese) who bit my daughter on the lip and bit me several times, drawing blood every time.  The only difference was he wasn't food aggressive, he never gave a warning before the bite, he had serious issues.  Our humane society, vet and a couple rescues said in their opinion he should be put down, because they considered him dangerous and they wouldn't want anyone else getting hurt.  Every area is different so this husky may have a chance, but it'll take someone very special and dog savvy to take this guy in.  I truly hope your friends son will be ok and understand that not all dogs will bite, unfortunately my daughter is STILL scared of small dogs and she was bit over 3 yrs ago.   :(

i don't particularly like people like that.  i got axle a few months before i had aiden, sheeba was a month after i had tristan, and caine and diesel were just "extras" lol.  now we got peanut while pregnant again.  i've managed to train all 5 of them to where they are very well behaved, though i have to admit my kids don't listen near as well, BUT, i found out why now so i can fix that too.

i agree with you, prevention is everything.  you should definately make time to look for any and all warning signs with either your kids OR your dogs.  for everybody's well being.  it's truly amazing to me, how many people say they have "severe behavioral problems" but have never stepped foot in the same room as a trainer.  how are you going to get things under control if A) you have no idea how to fix it and B) you refuse to get help. 

i sure wish i could help the boy.  even if it was just temporary until he fixed his issues.  i don't see why people get a working breed, that needs TONS of exercise and attention if they are short on time to start with.  they should make it mandatory that everyone getting a dog fill out an application to make sure their family is a good fit (mandatory classes would be nice too ha ha).  it's ironic how many people get a dog based on looks and have no idea (and some don't care) what the dogs need for themselves.  makes me feel really bad for some of the dogs out there.


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