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Remember my friend's Husky?

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CRAP!!!! I wish I would have check on here more frequently! A simple 10 day quarantine would have worked then she would have gotten him back and able to release to a rescue. I hate he bit her son, I have 2 mals and Nala was highly food aggressive at the beginning, I can now stick my face in both dog bowls while they are eating and they actually not eat directly beside each other. This is a very sad situation, unfortunate for both the family and the dog. I have a friend who had a chow that one day accidentally bit her she did require stitches and a 10 day quarantine. I wish a rescue had the dog so it could go through training.

peytons mama:
I was bit when I was five years old by a husky. Tore my face off (am okay now though) and my grandparents took him to a no kill shelter and he was adopted out by a family who lived on a farm and they were both dog trainers. So they gave him another chance and worked with him tons. Eventually he was adopted out to another family who didn't have any kids and didn't live by any either.

There is hope for him still! Just be patient. Someone will find him.


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