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Remember my friend's Husky?

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--- Quote from: schelmischekitty on May 06, 2007, 09:57:18 pm ---i don't particularly like people like that.  i got axle a few months before i had aiden, sheeba was a month after i had tristan, and caine and diesel were just "extras" lol.  now we got peanut while pregnant again.  i've managed to train all 5 of them to where they are very well behaved, though i have to admit my kids don't listen near as well, BUT, i found out why now so i can fix that too.

i agree with you, prevention is everything.  you should definately make time to look for any and all warning signs with either your kids OR your dogs.  for everybody's well being.  it's truly amazing to me, how many people say they have "severe behavioral problems" but have never stepped foot in the same room as a trainer.  how are you going to get things under control if A) you have no idea how to fix it and B) you refuse to get help. 

i sure wish i could help the boy.  even if it was just temporary until he fixed his issues.  i don't see why people get a working breed, that needs TONS of exercise and attention if they are short on time to start with.  they should make it mandatory that everyone getting a dog fill out an application to make sure their family is a good fit (mandatory classes would be nice too ha ha).  it's ironic how many people get a dog based on looks and have no idea (and some don't care) what the dogs need for themselves.  makes me feel really bad for some of the dogs out there.

--- End quote ---

Yeah. I think he just needs a lot of love, time and attention. :( She initially said he would be going to the pound and then said there are no kill shelters there, so that is where he would be going. Not sure if she meant transferred or what. She's in MA.

is there a husky rescue there in the area?  maybe they'd be able to help him if you just explained what's going on.

Thank you. I will email these to her right now. I hope it's not too late. I don't know when she was taking him but her husband was LIVID and wanted him gone.

I sent her those contacts and she told me yesterday morning that another person off freecycle sent her the same ones also. Her hubby took him to the no kill shelter yesterday morning. She said the hospital is the one who told her they had to report him to animal control. The shelter told her they would work with him to get him retrained.

I'll hope for the best for him.

I hope they are able to place the husky in a home where there is an owner who will have the time/determination to retrain him.  He can be a wonderful pet in the appropriate home.  Yes, all hospitals have to report dog bites to animal control.  I have always dreaded the possibility that one of my dogs could bite someone, and worked hard to make sure they don't.  Maple is somewhat Food agressive, but, I work with her at every meal to ensure she knows who is boss and that I and everyone in my family can touch/take her food bowl.  She has learned to sit and wait patiently when we do.  Of course, we put Woody's bowl far away from hers, or she won't let him eat.  On the funny side though, she was so focused on stopping my friends lab, Jag, from stealing "her" biscuit one day, that Woody walked up behind her, and took it and ate it while she wasn't watching.

I hope your friends son will be OK, and not too traumatized by this incident.  It can really change how he views dogs.  I've been attacked/bitten twice.  Once by a GSD who was going after the cat I was holding, and once unprovoked by a Chihuahua.  Guess which type of dog I'm still afraid of?  LOL  Its not the GSD.


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