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dorky boy story


I wish I had pictures of this story and I will try and get some because it's too funny.  So every night after work I've been going outside and playing ball with the dogs maybe once or twice a night.  We have 3 large balls that I continuously throw to wear them out.  Anyway, Shiner will chase the ball and the girls for a little while and then he gets tired.  He will grab a ball and carry it in his mouth the whole time he chases the girls and the other balls.  Then he gets really excited and starts trying to bark with the ball in his mouth and of course it makes me laugh so he gets more excited and barks more and then starts drooling.  He will be all foamy and prancing around barking his dorky head off with a ball in his mouth.  He won't ever drop the ball.  He's a class act.  Good thing he's super cute and so sweet.  Also good thing I love big, dumb, and pretty guys.  I just had to share that with everyone.

Awwww, that I'd looooove to see!  He's probably afraid to put down his ball (lest some pesky girl come and take it away from him), but he still has stuff to say, so he just has to bark.  It makes perfect sense!   ;D  ::)  What a cute boy!

hysterical - yes, must get pics and post them ASAP!  ;D

HAHAHAHA!! Definitely need a video of that!


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