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Anatolians are awesome too!  Zeka is 4 months old here... :-*

You anatolians are so pretty.  I am fairly new to anatolians and wondered if anyone could help me.  We had 8 puppies and healthy and weighing between 5-6 1/2 lbs. at 1 month.  My question is this:  I will need to fly a little boy when he reaches 8 weeks old.  I do not know what size carrier to purchase as I am not sure how tall, long or what his weight may be.  Does anyone have any idea on estimated size at 8 weeks and what size carrier would you suggest?  By the way, we have 4 more left for sale if anyone is interested.  Mom and Dad both work with goats, babbies were born and are still living in the barn with the goats.  I began socializing them with outsiders the day they opened their eyes and continue to expose them to various people of different ages.  Thanks to anyone for your input.


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