Author Topic: Is you collie afraid of fireworks?  (Read 13531 times)

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Is you collie afraid of fireworks?
« on: July 03, 2007, 03:32:41 am »
Just wondered - my tri-color collie is soooo afraid of fireworks (also thunder and lightening).  She gets very nervous and "clingy" so much - she just won't leave me along while all the noise is going on.

Anyone else experience the same thing??  Any words of wisdom - perhaps how to get her to accept the noise?



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Re: Is you collie afraid of fireworks?
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2007, 03:44:30 pm »
HI Paul
I don't think it is only Collies afraid of those things.
Many dogs are.So far Falkor our White Collie(tri head) doesn't seem to be afraid of anything.Excep t maybe Magic barking his serious back out side at something in the alley,then he barks and runs in the house and barks in the house.every exicted to be his back up.

Lots of dogs get afraid .The worst thing you can do is coddle them,or tell them it's OK,because that just reinforses what they are feeling is OK.

I would keep her indoors,in a safe place even in a room she is comfortable with.You can try distractions,but in my experience it doesn't ususally work.Try to keep yourself in a calm normal frame of mind and energy,especially if she is like most Collies tunning into their owners she may get past it just following your lead.

We had a Springer spaniel you know the dogs that are outdoor all weather,loud noises just fine dogs,she was afraid of the dark,rain,thunder,fireworks,loud noises of any kind even kids toys.She never did get over it.

Right now I am pretty lucky all three of mine just want to attack them and get riled up.So I think the dog door will be closed tomorrow nite.

Good luck I'd love to hear more about your Collie though
you can PM anytime.
Tricia and the fur kids

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Re: Is you collie afraid of fireworks?
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2007, 07:57:44 pm »
Cirra became afraid of thunderstorms after a neighbor set off some large and loud fireworks one evening when she was going out to pee.  Since then we have had a few minor earthquakes which she reacts to also.  We have had some luck with melatonin in that it takes the edge off a bit.  Cirra tries to get out of the house and 100 lbs of fluff against our sliding glass door isn't easy to ignore or safe.  We ignore as much as possible.  Cirra would hurt herself  trying to get out of a crate.  For management we put on a harness so she is not pulling on her neck and leash in case we have to hold on to her.  She seems to have started going back in the bedroom on her own.  She thought about the bathtub which some dogs like however not Cirra - even one without water.  Apparently the tub can have s grounding effect?  Cirra recently got a small window air conditioner. We close the windows during a storm because of the noise and she gets hot. The air conditioner removes humidity which is often associated with thunderstorms so in theory it makes sense that it may be helpful.  It is awful to see Cirra so distressed and we try our best to find what works and may be helpful.  Fortunately we don't have a lot of thunderstorms.  Some folks have had success with Rescue Remedy however that didn't seem to help Cirra.  Either that or melatonin need to be given prior to the storm arriving in hopes of keep the dog out of that arousal state.  We watch the weather radar using the computer so are aware of approaching storms and when to give melatonin.  There are some herbal calming collars that are available and also Comfort Zone - DAP - dog appeasing pheromone.  We have not had much success with distraction unless we can find a game prior to Cirra getting in that aroused state.  The challenge to find that balance of ignoring the behavior so we are not reinforcing the behavior and keeping Cirra from hurting  herself.  It is streesful for all.  I trust with the fireworks this evening we will all be having a melatonin.