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Hey all, I'm new

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Hey everyone, how are you? I have 2 English Bullies. Great to meet other bulldog lovers!

Welcome!!!  I love your avatar!  I'm not familiar with bullies, but a friend of mine is dying for one!!  Do you live in AL?  I'm in Mobile, I have a 6-7yr old boxer, Daphne; a 5mth old GSD, Issabeaux; and a 2yr old siamese mix, Stone!!  Again welcome!

Welcome bullie owner!!!
Your avatar is WAY too cute for words. i LOVE Bulldogs! But hubby wouldnt let me get one. he says after Zero is gone, i can get one...
I am Jodi, mom to two bull terriers, Zero and Jigsaw, a great dane, Memphis and a chinese crested Reba.
Hope you enjoy your stay :) and PLEASE post pictures :) as i said, i love bulldogs :)

I just wanted to welcome you to the board.  I'm Kat and my crew is listed below.  I would love to see pics of your pups.

Welcome.I just adore bulldogs.....c an't wait to see more pictures ;)
I am Michelle and my gang is listed below :)


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