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Um, games with your beloved, 4 legged, slobbering/ jumping, Babies of Energy???

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How many of your puppies/dogs play fetch?

Is this a game that is taught or is it in their genes?

Spazz is really bad at this game.  He loves to play Tug of War and Keep Away.  I would like to be able to make Spazz run without having to chase him or run so he will chase me.  Fetch would be perfect.  I will throw a stick and he will chase it, then want to play keep away.  Or he will just take it and lay down and chew on it. (see pics).

What kind of games do you guys play with your puppies/dogs to get them to run out all of that energy. 

How many of you guys pupper's actually play fetch?

there a lab next door and if you even think of throwing a ball he is there sitting and waiting.  He is a ball fanatic.  it's really crazy how he gets when they throw that ball.

angel wont play tug, if she has something and i grab it she thinks i want it and lets it go.. but she will definately play fetch :P

What a great question,I think that those who fetch for real are born wanting to,Now they can all be taught.Yes even Spazz
I love that name by the way.
Only one of my three play fetch and that is Emma the littlest.The others do so love to run.they all love that part.
so we got very inventive.

We will go to the local park.ours is just around the corner.and we pick early morning or late evening,when no one or very few people are there.We pick the baseball field which is fenced in mostly,or we go back to the soccer field.which isn't but is much bigger and turn them lose.

They will run for the joy of running.and when they go we usually go the opposite way.which makes them turn and run after us.We will stop and just stand around which is boring and incourage them to run again. and start all over again.It is also a great game to play to get them to come back to you  the trick is to let them burn of some of that energy and then only take their collar when they come back at you when you know that you can get them.They don't expect you to cause you havent' so far.And all the while running and coming back is a great fun game.chase and run away.Don't grab them or stop the game till it's obvious they are tired out.that way you are just the funest person in the world and when they are tired and come to you and you praise them,and give them water you are the bestest.
That is their favorite.In the house they have all kinds of toys,that we invented. not bought.Like anything from scoks in knots to levi's with the legs tied in knots.to enpty boxes that are evil and must die a horrible death of being torn to pieces.It's all lots of fun. Just be open and inventive.
Tricia and the fur kids

Yeah he loves to tear up boxes and papertowels.  He will lay right by one of his toys, and or chew bones, and tear up Something, Anything that he shouldnt be tearing up.  8) 

Sometimes he will run if i take him to a field and stand there.  but other times he will just sit by me and chill.  Like he is waiting for me to run around the field and let out my energy.

Does Spazz have a "bring it" command?  I've found that that command helps when teaching fetch.  I start all my dogs off with basically bring it but I use "show me" or "What do you have".  They will bring whatever is in their mouth over and if they aren't supposed to have it then they get a better toy and if they can have I tell them good job and lots of praise and let them keep the prize.  Then you just incorporate that in to play time with a ball.  I will say that Cinder had absolutely no desire to play fetch until we found a frisbee and then she was all about that.  Now she'll play fetch with a frisbee, ball, or whatever.  Sorry this is so long but maybe try different objects instead of a stick for fetch.  Another idea is if you have a friend that has a dog that likes to play fetch you can have a playdate with Spazz and show him how it's done.  I've attached a pic of Cinder with her frisbee and Kaila when she was a puppy trying to play also.  Kaila loves balls better than the frisbee but will play with both.  Hope this helps.


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