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Hello! I am new to this message board. We have a 3 year old female border collie named Shakes. She is our child. Even tho we have 2 human children and also 2 other dogs and two cats. Shakes is such a wonderful dog. I have to take her to the vet tomorrow morning, for the past 2 months she has had a bad ear problem but unfortunatly we have not been able to take her due to the fact that we don't have alot of money! And that makes me feel horrible. But I am happy that I am gonna have her treated. It seems as if she has an middle ear infection. Shaking her head, not great balance, crying, walking with her head tilted to the side all the time. And she just lays around all the time. Not much of an appetite and she just seems really sad. I have been babying her so much because she deserves it. I just hope and pray that I have not waited too long and it has turned into something worse or that she may have a brain tumor. Because unfortunalty if she had that their would be no way we could afford treatment and i suppose we would have to make the descion to either keep her comfortable or put her down and I think it would kill me either way. It would be like losing a child. If anyone has gone through any of this and has any advice I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much!

Hello and welcome!  I have a friend with a sheltie named Shakes.

I hope your Shakes does just have an ear infection, the symptoms do seem to point in that direction.  Glad you are able to get her into the vet now.

Hi & welcome!  I hope that it's something simple and quickly cured so that Shakes is feeling great soon.  I'm mom to our three kids, and Daisy our Golden/Lab mix, Cassie our Great Pyrenees/? mix and Sammy our Pyr.

Welcome to big paws. I hope Shakes gets better soon...have you looked into your local Humane Society for cheap vet care?


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