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Long awaited pics of my gang!

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My aunt gave me her old digital camera, she got a new one, so I was estatic and have gone picture crazy I think. I put them all on her computer so I thought I'd share a few with ya.

Here you can see Maggie's gorgeous "new" collar. New as in you guys haven't seen it before. ;)

Begging for a treat

"Very funny mom"

Play dead lol

and last week, I walked to the beach with Maggie and Roxie
Believe it or not Maggie got in the water on her own!

Cute Doberbutt

"Ok, enough of that" She didn't get in the water at all after that either lol

Now onto my other babies..
Roxie, I spent an hour playing with her the other day.. we did some agility training and tricks as well.

Yes this girl can get just about anywhere

At the beach

Hi mom!

and a few Squish pics!

"Ooh yummy!"

My handsome boy

Watcha doin?

Bye mom!

Videos on the way!

This is Roxie during agility training

Roxie doing her "spin" trick

Squishy being a dork

and Him coming to say hi to me a little while later

Ah those are great pics. The cookie one is my favorite.

awwww Megna - awesome pics - love them all - Maggie so gorgeous and Roxie is adorable!
And the videos are great too! That Squish is friggin' cute!

I cant even get my hand outta the treat bag more or less get a treat on their nose.LOL. Squish is adorable, makes ya wanna kiss his lil nose.


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