Author Topic: Dumb Bimbos and Their Ankle Biters (venting)  (Read 7895 times)

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Re: Dumb Bimbos and Their Ankle Biters (venting)
« Reply #15 on: August 09, 2007, 04:17:38 am »
Heh, good one :)

He's got some real hairy labs then :) Tall ones too and quite overweight :)

i was going to say, since when do labs have THAT kind of coat... ugh, people... one guy was in petsmart the one day and his girlfriend was petting my pup and he said "oh thats definately a boxer" i wish i could have seen my own face because my brain frazzled and went &&#$^*&&(*%^@#!@#$#% when i tried to figure out how she possibly looked like a boxer! but the guy was nice when i said "actually shes a great dane" he just said "really, shes cute" lol, then he turned red.

OMG some body called Max a Boxer too!! ::)  how could you come up with a boxer by looking....oh nevermind. these people are hopeless arent they. oh and the dog that holds the weight for heaviest dog in the world doesnt even go over 300...people who think they know every thing are very entertaining if you can get past the annoying part and just giggle to your self about the rambling haha.
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