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Foster failure x 2

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I guess it's official.  I'm a horrible foster since I have yet failed again at fostering.  ::) Yep, Razor is staying and is a full fledged member of the clan.  I'll try and get some pics up soon.  My camera is in the shop but I still have my old digital camera.  I will also try and add some updated ones of the rest of the crew.   

Congratulation s on your "failure!"  ;)  Cant wait to see pics of Razor and his siblings!

Jenn said it perfectly!  You found him a wonderful loving home, there's no failure in that.  ;D  Congrats on your new permanent addition!

This is exactly why my husband won't let me foster -- at least until we have a bigger house.  ;D  I admire your dedication to and your obviously big heart for all your pups. Congrats on the addition!

Ah that is great. He has found a forever home and a good one at that.


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