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Deer Hound Info Please


My name is Melissa. Im interested in perhaps adding a Deer Hound to my family. I have a few other breeds Im looking into also. But I do have some questions about Deer Hound I was wondering if you Deer Hound owners could answer for me?
1~How are they with children? I have a 4 year old son. I will never leave them unsupervised,and never let Shane (My son) tease the dog in any way, but I would like a dog that will get along with him and play with him.
2~How are they with other critters?
3~How much exersize a day do they need as adults?
4~What aresome health problems Deer Hounds can have? How do you prevent them,and/or how they are treated
5~What are some pros and cons?
6~What sort of grooming and how often do they need?

Feel free to add anything else you think I should know that I didnt add. Feel free to brag or vent lol
Thank you :)

Hi there ;) I adore Deerhounds, but have never had one of my own. The main things that keep me from pursuing one is that even for a large breed they have short lives.... About 6-8 years. The primary cause of death in Deerhounds is heart disease. As for "pros" for the breed, Sir Walter Scott's quote just about says it all in describing his Deerhounds as "The most perfect creatures of Heaven."



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