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It seems like only yesterday I brought home a little bundle of teeth and Paws, cradled in one arm, curled up against my bosom...(do men have bosom???) LOL just kidding, but you guys get the picture.  He would run under my lil TV tables and not knock them over.  His little tail didnt feel like a whip gone wrong.  if he did jump on you or run into your legs you really didnt feel anything at all.  He couldnt jump up and give you a free kiss on your mouth unexpectedly.  (lol good times).

 I was looking at these pictures wondering when did my lil Spazz-Malik grow up to be so big.  He still cute and clumsy, and of course still has the puppy attitude.  Got to love a dog that doesnt know his own strength.

What a good looking boy he is.

Spazz is gorgeous.  I'm in love!  They grow up so fast.  I was just thinking that I needed some Spazz pics and here is the thread for him.  Since my wanting it to happen made it happen once I'm going to try again.  I'm thinking there should be more pics of Spazz.   ;D

He is getting so handsome! I recently met a Rhody in the park and can empathize with the surprise kisses....I was VERY surprised. I had no idea they could bounce like that :o  How's he doing with his feret buddy?

My ferrets and Spazz do great together until Spazz gets excited.  Then he wants to Pounce....Yes, I said Pounce, like a cat on them and he is just to big for that.  He will lay down and play with them for awhile.  That doesnt last long though.  Its a little scary to see a whole ferret in your dogs mouth  ;D, but they do fine.  Usually he will get jumped by both of them.  Then they run off.  They tease him when I make him lay down.  They will run right in front of him makin noises and driving him crazy.  He wants to chase after them so bad.  I thought he would calm down after knowing them so long.  But he gets just as excited when they come out as he did the first day I brought them home. 


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